Our Divisions
1) Solvent Extraction Division

The Solvent Extraction Plant is a complex unit which can process all types of oil cakes and other oil-bearing materials. This unique adaptability enables the unit to avail of the advantages of seasonal variations in the prices of various raw materials. Besides supplying Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil and Rice Bran Oil for human consumption, Prima was once a major supplier of oil for Companies like Hindustan Lever Ltd, Marico Industries Ltd. etc. for soap manufacturing, hair oil and other industrial uses. Later in 2000s, keeping in view of the growth of business, the Company entered into Job Work Contract Agreement with well-established KSE Limited. The Company having facilities for extracting oil form oil cakes using Solvent Extraction technique, process the Coconut Oil Cake for the production of Coconut Oil as per the specifications and instruction as to the quantity and quality of the finished products given from time to time by KSE Ltd. This project functions towards backward integration as the by-products produced in this plant such as De Oiled Cake (both flake and powder) would be consumed for its Animal Feed Unit.

2) Edible Oil Refinery Division

The Refinery Unit is engaged in the business of refining of Edible oils on Job work contract basis with well-known, Mahalakshmi Oils Private Limited. This unit produce pure, odourless, colourless, flavourless, hygienically filtered and packed refined Palm Kernel Oil through processes like neutralization, bleaching, filtration, deodorization, filtration etc. Two processes have been developed for the refining of edible oils i.e. physical and chemical refining. The names physical and chemical refining comes from the process technology used to remove the Free Fatty Acids (FFA) that are responsible for the oil acidity. Physical refining is a process of making use of the lower boiling point of the FFA compared to the boiling point of the triglyceride oil. In chemical or alkaline refining, an alkali is used to neutralise the FFA. All the by-products of this unit such as Soap Stocks, Acid Oil, and Fatty Acid are used effectively.

3) Animal Feed Division

The Company is having a factory at Kanjikode with facilities for manufacture of Ready-mixed Compound Cattle Feed, in pellet form hereinafter referred to as Cattle Feed. The Company is manufacturing Cattle Feed on behalf of well-established Company, KSE Limited on Job Contract Basis as per the formule, specifications and instructions as to the quantity of raw materials and to the quality of the finished products provided by them. The major portion of De-Oiled Cake produced in the Solent Extraction Plant would be consumed in Animal Feed Unit. Hygienically prepared and packed Cattle Feed in pellets form is being produced in this plant with modern technology and skill. The present capacity utilization of Company's manufacturing facilities are around 65 to 70% of the installed capacities, bulk of the capacity utilization is for conversion contracts. This unit, as presently structured, is poised to produce a variety of Animal Feeds. The Company has installed the most modern plant with computerized controls. By adopting sophisticated techniques and evolving recipes with appropriate ingredients to meet the nutritional and energy requirements of cattle, poultry and goats, Prima Industries Limited has been able to supply cattle feeds of high quality to the domestic market.